Adding channels to a group

How to associate channels to a group

You can associate multiple communication channels to a group, and handle messages from these multiple channels in one inbox.

Available channels are presently webchat, WhatsApp and SMS.

New numbers for SMS need to be added by Converso Support (please contact once a new group has been created.

To install webchat, please follow instructions here.

To add a WhatsApp number to your group, please follow the instructions here.

Every new account comes as standard with one group called General. To change the name of the group, go to settings > groups.

To add new groups (coming soon), go to settings > groups, and clicking on the "Add group" button.

If you are adding a new WhatsApp number and already have a WhatsApp number live in another group (and also have a 360dialog account), you can follow the same process as adding your first number, however please take note of the following differences:

1. When you click on Admin > Channels, and after you have logged in to your 360dialog account, make sure you click on the link to add a new number:

You can then follow the same procedure to add a new WhatsApp number (you can create a new WhatsApp Business Account, but it is usually easier to add a new number to your existing WABA).

2. At the end of the process, it is important to select via the tick box just the new WhatsApp number you have just added in the drop down, and leave the others empty:

You can now click on the Save button at the bottom of the page and the new WhatsApp number will now be added as a channel to your new group.

If the connect to WhatsApp button does not indicate that WhatsApp is connected, refresh your browser tab, and it will then indicate connected.

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