Groups can be used to create workspaces around specific communication channels

All new Converso accounts come with one group as standard, called "General".

A group brings together communication channels and specific team members into one place.

A group consists of a team inbox, my inbox, and group admin.

Only Admins can create new groups under Settings > Groups (ability to create new groups is coming soon). Agents are not able to create new groups.

You can define a group as a department (eg sales or support), a product (eg holiday rentals), a location (eg UK office) - basically anything you want!

It's helpful to create a new group when you have distinct customers or clients and you want to provide a more bespoke response to their inbound enquiry.

A group can help uniquely identify the reason for the inbound request since the WhatsApp number or Facebook page can be associated with that particular product or location. This helps provide a more personalised response to the client or customer.

Ideally groups should be deployed when it is unlikely for a customer to use two or more groups to access your services. In these circumstances, they will then need to store two (or more) sets of contact details, and this may be confusing.

Contacts (described here) can be accessed from all groups.

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