Adding webchat as a customer channel for support and sales engagement

In Converso, you can deploy webchat as a channel for customer communications, enabling live chat from your website, or a specific webpage. Deployments are not limited to any particular domain.

Each group has the ability to configure a webchat widget, so all customer messages over that widget are managed in the team inbox of that group. Therefore with multiple groups (coming soon) you can create a webchat widget for each group (at present it's only possible to create one group).

Data is partitioned so chats are not shared between groups (further info on groups can be found here).

You can have different webchat widgets to serve different functions, such as sales or support, or as an internal webchat for HR purposes. The messages generated are handled by the teams defined for each group.

Webchat can be deployed either as a widget positioned on a specific page of your website, or as an embedded iframe on a specific page (coming soon).

When using webchat, as it's a synchronous channel i.e. sending and receiving messages needs to be done in sync (unlike WhatsApp where delays in responding can be acceptable), it's helpful to add an AI Agent to provide first line support and ensure that all inbound messages are answered as soon as they are received.

This also means that substantial time savings can be made by freeing up agent time from first line support roles.

For customers browsing on your website, they are given the option to create multiple different chats depending on if they want to discuss different subjects with your support team. This chat history is stored on their local device (until they hard reload that device) and can be accessed for reference.

An AI Agent can also be created for each group, as described here.

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