AI Agent

An AI Agent answers customers' queries based on its knowledge of your products

Many businesses face the challenge of how to handle increasing numbers of customer queries, on subjects ranging from company opening hours to complex product support.

This can be a strain for human agents, as the market increasingly demands instant responses, delivered 24/7.

This is where an AI Agent can help. Using new generative AI platforms, an AI Agent can be trained specifically on your company and its products, resulting in accurate customer replies, without "hallucinating" or making up information.

In effect, an AI Agent is like having your own custom ChatGPT chatbot that answers questions based on your own data.

At Converso, we enable your AI Agent to be truly an omnichannel AI Agent though deployment over a range of channels - webchat, WhatsApp and SMS. If you have AI enabled for a group, all new incoming messages over whatever channels you have connected on that group, will be responded to by your AI Agent.

If the question is too complex for the AI to answer, the AI is programmed to recognise this, and offer to hand over the chat to a human agent. Or the customer can just ask to chat with support or a human agent.

Either way, the chat can be seamlessly transferred to an available human agent that's logged in to the Converso helpdesk. Their name will be displayed when the message is sent back to the customer, indicating that they are chatting with a human agent.

It's also possible to assign the chat back to the AI again, if required.

All chats, whether resolved by the AI Agent or assigned to a human agent, can be viewed and responded to via the group's team inbox.

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