Creating your AI Agent

How to create and deploy your AI Agent

There are two ways to create and deploy your AI Agent.

The first option is to build your own AI Agent, by using either Voiceflow or OpenAI, and connect it to Converso's helpdesk. This is the Helpdesk product.

The second option is to ask us to build your AI Agent for you. This is the AI Helpdesk product, and involves submitting relevant info via an onboarding form, and providing relevant data on your company, and its products and services, eg FAQs, documents, web pages:

FAQs - these should be in the format of a text document (eg Word)

Documents - these ideally will be in format of Word or PDF documents

Website - URLs can be submitted, or preferably a sitemap, which can be used for scraping the site(s).

From these information sources we create a knowledge base of your business and products that can be searched and retrieved by the AI Agent, and suitable prompts that can be used in order to produce answers to customers' messages.

The AI Agent is created via a customer support template, which is a logic flow which determines how the Agent will respond in certain conditions (we use Voiceflow to build this logic flow).

If you have a list of FAQs, the AI will prioritise answers based on the content of these FAQs. If the answer cannot be found from the FAQs, then the AI Agent will search other information sources in the knowledge base to find a suitable answer.

Once the AI Agent has been created you will be provided with a Voiceflow API key. This can be loaded as described here in order to connect to your AI template and add your AI Agent to your group.

When your AI Agent is connected, all new inbound conversations from clients will be assigned to the AI Agent, and the Agent will start chatting with your customers.

Once connected, under Settings > Users, you will find your new AI Agent listed as a user. You can then define a new name for it, add a profile picture, and these will appear in your widget on your website, and also in your chat list in the helpdesk.

For instance if you want to call your Agent "Max", you can change details accordingly:

The name and profile picture will appear in the widget above messages that are sent to the customer:

All conversations will appear in the team inbox. The initials of your AI Agent, in the above example "MA", will appear in the chat list to indicate that the chat has been assigned to the AI Agent:

These chat can be assigned to a human agent at any time and the AI will no longer respond in that chat.

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