Handover to a human agent

When the AI Agent can't answer, the chat can be escalated to a human agent

When the AI Agent is configured in a group (details here), all new inbound conversations are automatically assigned to it.

The AI recognizes the sentiment of a conversation, and when its responses do not effectively answer the customer's question, ie when the customer is still asking further questions and not getting a reply that ends the conversation, then the AI will transfer the chat to a human.

In this scenario, the AI will suggest to the customer whether they would like to be transferred to a human agent. If the customer responds yes, or equivalent, the AI understands this response and unassigns itself from the conversation.

It's also possible for the customer to request the AI Agent to transfer the chat to a human agent at any time with a phrase similar to "transfer to agent" or "support".

When the chat is then un-assigned from the AI Agent, a notification is sent to all human agents (users) in a group detailing that the chat needs an available human to take over answering the customer.

The chat can then be assigned manually to any human agent, and the agent is able to review all previous messages in the chat for context, and reply to the customer. The chat will then also be displayed within the My inbox of that agent.

If a human agent is not available, the AI Agent will inform the customer and take their contact details, such as phone number and email. These will then be stored in contacts, so later follow up can be made.

All AI Agent conversations are viewable in real time in the team inbox. A human agent can stop the replies coming from the Agent in a chat by simply un-assigning the conversation from the AI. The human agent can then pick up the conversation and chat directly with the customer.

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